Go Forward

Sustainability has been key for JBC for many years now. With their Go Forward strategy, the Belgian fashion brand makes sustainability accessible for everyone. The strategy holds four pillars. Firstly, ‘Go Green’, which revolves around products. JBC systematically goes for better materials, better use of water, fewer chemicals and more circularity. ‘Go Together’ stands for treating people with respect, from garment workers to consumers. JBC wants to ensure that they work under safe, healthy and fair conditions. With ‘Go Clean’, JBC aims to do better for our planet, always looking for better means of transportation, energy monitoring, packaging and renewable energy. Lastly, JBC is always looking for innovative ways to ‘Go Further’. Innovative topics right now are about circularity, which results in different projects, amongst which repair, upcycling, recycling, … Transparency is a core value for JBC, therefore their supply chain is as public as can be.