Floris van Bommel

Stand out from the crowd

Shoe factory ‘van Bommel’ is a prime example of Dutch craftsmanship. The brand has been making luxury men’s and women’s shoes since 1734. Current creative director Floris van Bommel is the 9th generation shoemaker in the ‘van Bommel’ family. In addition to the on trend Floris van Bommel brand (established in 1995), shoe factory ‘van Bommel’ also carries the centuries-old classic men’s brand ‘van Bommel’. The FW21 collection is a perfect reflection of our need to step out of the house, see others and be seen. The patterns, prints, textures, use of metallics…every shoe is a showstopper and a shoo-in to stand out from the crowd. A craftmanship you can see and feel. In short: everything you expect a Floris van Bommel shoe to be.