Free Spirits

Capturing the spirit of the wild, Chantelle travels to La Camargue in Southern France for FW21 featuring a cast of travelers, dreamers and artists, each with their own unique heritage and story to tell. Like this group of inspiring women, Chantelle is defined by spirit: the meeting point of body and soul. Chantelle introduces two new shapes, Alto and Waltz. Alto is Chantelle’s new daily line which offers leavers lace in multiple shapes adapted to all forms. Waltz is the touch of refinement, elaborated in a fine and comfortable leavers lace, available in different cuts and colors to meet everyone’s needs. Waltz also comes as an elegant nightdress, easy to wear during the day under an oversized knit or a tailored jacket. Furthermore, Chantelle expands its SoftStretch collection with new additions. The classic SoftStretch bra is reinvented with underwires, for enhanced support. Iconic pieces are revisited with modern and feminine lace.