Smart Lounge wear

German fashion label BRAX is all about passion. A passion for smart, stylish and innovative clothing. BRAX customers are the architects of their own lives, are mainly 35-59 years old, experienced and have the positive trait of valuing what is genuinely important. Quality, the right fit and clothing in eco-friendly materials, that is what BRAX is about. Relaxed silhouettes with that certain something extra make their Smart Lounge-collection perfect to work from home, at the office or enjoy some downtime in. For FW21 BRAX invited former international athletes Ana & Bastian Schweinsteiger for another capsule collection. The BRAX LAB collection is sporty, with stylistic elements inspired by performance sports and fashionable lace. BRAX has also kept working on increasing its share of sustainable products (shown by its meta label ‘BRAX Blue Planet’), which is significantly noticeable in this FW21-collection.